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Well we end this 10 part blow as we started with the movie that launched the whole Bikini Babes and Dinosaurs movie genre that dominated the Fantasy film genre between 1966 and 1973

Produced by Hammer Films and directed by Don Chaffey (see Part 5), the movie was groundbreaking (watch the movie trailer here) thanks to a/ the amazing special effects by master of stop animation Ray Harryhausen but also for launching the global career of bombshell RAQUEL WELCH

Whether screaming or cat fighting with ex-James Bond Girl Martine Beswick (see Part 6) (watch fight scene here) - escaping dinosaurs or falling for clan leader John Richardson, Welch simply exudes pure sexuality in this prehistoric movie. A must see

While the original design was done by UK artist Tom Chantrell, here are some of the other best posters starting with the French Grande with art by Jean Mascii followed by the Japanese posters (original and 1977 rerelease) 2 Italian fotobusta posters and the Japanese movie program with inside page.

In September 2014 all our FANTASY and PEPLUM movie posters are On SALE

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The posters above courtesy of ILLUSTRACTION GALLERY

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Happy Kirby Day! Here’s a rarity: complete original art for “Fears of a Go-Go Girl” by Jack Kirby (story and pencils) and Vince Colletta (inks). The story was originally slated to appear in Soul Love #1, a proposed romance comic for African-American adults that was cancelled before it was published in 1971. 

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